The Melbourne Obesity Group is a clinical alliance of practitioners with a common interest in the problem of obesity and its complications. We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the the patient, including surgical, dietetic, psychological, and specialist physician assessments.

Melbourne Obesity Group surgeons are Dhan Thiruchelvam, and Sean Mackay.  The multi-disciplinary team is made up of:

  • Nutrition Plus – nutrition and dietetics, led by Melanie McGrice – this group is a well-established provider of expert dietetic advice, and includes dieticians with a specific interest in assessing and supporting bariatric surgical patients.
  • Positive Outcomes Psychologists, led by Dr Lisa Meehan – this group have extensive experience in the assessment and support of bariatric surgical patients.
  • All patients are assessed by Dr George Kalogerakis, specialist endocrinologist. George assesses the peri-operative risk, and looks after the patients from the medical perspective during the peri-operative period.
  • Patients at higher risk for sleep apnoea on initial assessment are referred to Dr Paul Fogarty, specialist respiratory and sleep physician, for further assessment. Paul is also  available to supervise patients who do use CPAP, through the peri-operative period.

We have established the Melbourne Obesity Group clinic in Suite 14 at Epworth Eastern Medial Centre. The first consultation will be with one of the surgeons, and patients who are interested in going forward will then be referred for further assessment by the multi-disciplinary team, as appropriate.

The Melbourne Obesity Group is an alliance of practitioners with a complementary clinical interests and expertise. We are not financially committed to each other in any way.  We are happy to receive referrals through the clinic, but we do understand that you may wish to direct your initial referral to a specific surgeon. The relevant numbers are listed below:

Melbourne Obesity Group           03 9896 5959

Sean Mackay                             03 9896 5999

Dhan Thiruchelvam                     03 9429 0241

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